Sample Data Format
 Minimum Prescribed Size for Feeding/Retiring Cubicle for Important Mammalian Species of Captive Animals in India¬†
(As on 10.12.2008) 
 Species  Size of Feeding Cubicle/Night Shelter (Meters) 
 Length  Breadth  Height 
 Family Felide       
 Tiger and Lions       
 Colouded Leopard and Snow Leopard       
 Small Cats       
 Family Elephantidae       
 Family Rhinocerotidae       
 One-Horned Indian Rhinoceros       
 Family Cervidae       
 Brow Antlered Deer       
 Swamp Deer       
 Musk Deer       
 Mouse Deer       
 Family Bovidae       
 Nilgiri Tahr       
 Four Horned Antelope       
 Family Equidae       
 Wild Ass       
 Family Ursidae       
 All Type of Indian Bears       
 Family Candidae       
 Jackal, Wolf, and Wild Dog       
 Family Vivirradae       
 Palm Civet       
 Large Indian Civet and Binturong       
 Family Mustellidae       
 Otters All Types       
 Family Procyonide       
 Red Panda       
 Family Lorisidae       
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